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LATEST NEWS2018.5.25

Teradyne Manufacturing Plant - Completion Ceremony and Turnover

After the April 2016 Kumamoto earthquake disaster, Teradyne commissioned PDFM to design a new replacement facility.

On 05 April 2018, just 2 years later, the completion ceremony was held. PDFM received an Appreciation Award for supporting Teradyne in the days immediately following the earthquake.

New Projects:

・ USACE/JED - 2-yr Indefinite Delivery Contract for Host Nation Architect-Engineer Services, Various Locations in Japan

・ NAVFAC Far East - 5yr IDIQ for Architect-Engineer Services for Projects at Various Locations in Japan (GAE-PAE JV)

・ US Embassy - Elevator Replacement at Mitsui Housing

・ Netherlands Embassy - Facility Services