PAE (or, PAE Design & Facility Management as we are known here in Japan) is an American architecture and engineering firm established in Tokyo in 1955. Over the years, PAE Design and Facility Management has evolved into one of the most progressive providers of both Architectural Design and Facility Services in Japan. By combining contemporary global best practices and methodologies with the deep understanding of Japan that we have gained over the last 60 years, PAE is uniquely qualified to successfully serve both Japanese and foreign companies operating in Japan.

In addition to A/E services, PAE Japan also provides Operation & Maintenance and Facility Management services. Our customer base includes DoD (US Military), Government, and Commercial Clients. Today, PAE employs over 17,000 in 50 countries throughout the world. PAE’s value adding approach to our work focuses on our ability to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and then tailor our wide variety of expertise and service in response.

Our Vision and Values

PAE is a global leader in providing enduring support for the essential missions of the client, its allied partners and international organizations.
Perform with Excellence and Integrity: Deliver 100% of customer commitments, on time, within budget and with the highest standards of ethics and compliance.
Enable the Business
Ensure safe and secure operating environments for all employees.
Grow the Business
Create a culture of growth and entrepreneurial behavior that drives value and opportunity for ownership, customers and employees.
PAE Profile