PAE provides international corporations with a presence in Japan advisory services about procurement or contract for building management to achieve success in business PAE provides a full range of facility operations and maintenance management, including preventive and scheduled maintenance programs, and emergency and unscheduled maintenance with a 24/7 English-language help desk. PAE provides expert long-term FM support for office churn. Creating comfortable and functional environment improves the satisfaction of a customer and user, productivity and sales promotion. PAE conducts periodic inspection to maintain a clean environment for cleaning services requiring severe quality control and walk-through to improve facility environment by proposing improvement method.


We provide preservation services, janitorial services. FF&E repair, O&M, 24/7 Help desk, and quality control services including submission of bilingual report to international corporations operating in Japan.

Condominium/ Rental apartment for foreign customers

Facility maintenance, janitorial services, management services by bilingual staff, 24/7 Help desk, gardening, tenant cleaning services, restoring construction work, drawing long-term mending plan and its implementation, quality management for luxury residences.

Office buildings

Facility maintenance, janitorial services, arrangement of administrator, 24/7 Help desk, tenant cleaning services, restoring construction work, implementation of large-scale repair work, reporting by bilingual staff.